Colin Black
Managing Director for Transport Planning UK
at Arcadis

Private company

United Kingdom

Expert in:

Policy Finance Environment Mobility

More about this expert:

Colin is a highly experienced and internationally recognised consultant specialising in Transportation Demand Management (TDM). Working for transport authorities, national and local governments around the world he has a proven ability and successful track record of delivering activity to achieve travel behaviour change, across areas, within organisations and in specific locations. He has a specialist knowledge of the effectiveness of a broad range of transport approaches and has led the development of the international evidence base for the use of targeted travel behaviour change, as part of a TDM strategy, to derive added-value from existing transport infrastructure, and improve returns on future investment. His work has consistently recognised the crucial need to demonstrate impact and continue to build credibility. He fully understands the importance of strong management to maintain accountability for the delivery of TDM related benefits, to time and budget. Colin has considerable experience of setting up and establishing effective and motivated teams to coordinate TDM, for different organisations, on a broad range of projects. He works regularly with a range of specialists, including other communications and behavioural insights experts, to deliver successful travel behaviour change. Colin maintains an in-depth and detailed theoretical knowledge of travel behaviour and TDM initiatives, informed by a strong academic background, understanding of statistical analysis, and research experience. This has been enhanced and strengthened through the continued practical application and testing of knowledge. Theories, results and approaches have been continuously shared for scrutiny, review and feedback, and subject to peer-review with other specialist practitioners on an international platform. Approaches are built on a sound foundation of contemporary knowledge and experience. My greatest achievement is changing policy to help make transport more sustainable in numerous different locations globally.