Martin Basila

Private company


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Society Technology Environment Water Mobility ICT

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Information technologies and automation & robotics are the worlds where I can do what I love. BRAIN:IT is the ICT company and its team comprises excellent experts, my colleagues and friends. Together we are able to deliver multi-million projects in the realm of eGoverment for the biggest ICT players on the Slovakian market. WASTE:IT (SENSONEO) is our darling start-up of which is already generating revenue and after 2 years of fine-tuning is ready for mass production and mass sales. Our solution provides intelligent waste monitoring and management. NEURON:IT is chilling project. We are working on our own Artificial intelligence with focus on genetic screening and oncology. We already see very interesting results. It combines great performance on low cost infrastructure. SOKOLOVNA PUB is our bier pub, where we relax, brainstorm and enjoy great craft beers :-) But the most exciting part of my life is my family. My beloved wife Andrea and three daughters Greta, Agata and Dorota (comming soon :-)) Experience