Bernard Pracko
Managing Director
at Research and Management, Hong Kong

Research and Management, Hong Kong
Private company


Expert in:

Finance Law Society Technology Energy Materials Processes

More about this expert:

Business founder and entrepreneur, Bernard Pracko has executive expertise across a broad range of sectors. He founded two public reporting companies in the USA, has held directorships in corporate and non-profit sectors in the US, Europe and Asia. He has enjoyed an international career in re-organizing SME’s and founding start-ups in the US, Europe, and Asia. He is intimately familiar with mortgage financing, trading commodities, currencies, and securities; research of allopathic versus homeopathic/alternative medicines; societal cultural anomalies, performing and plastic fine arts. Bernard Pracko is a Senior Advisor to Central European startups and SME’s bringing business  planning, strategic and tactical planning, market  assessment/ implementation; financial  analysis, risk  assessment, capitalization, and implementation of multinational optimization strategies employing well known international experts. He has lead teams of international attorneys, IT development experts, business development, intellectual properties, and internal accounting and audit firms. He played a critical role as director and advisor in the establishment of Asian firms Research and Management Limited, and Research Science Ltd. Before that he served SME’s in consultancies with General Electric Capital, T.R.W. Inc., BMW of North America, Bank of America, and the US mortgage industry.