Zuzana Prochazkova
Architect, Sustainability Consultant (Founding member)
at ONDA Studio

ONDA Studio


Expert in:

Society Design Environment Energy Construction

More about this expert:

I believe in the importance of sustainable development and lifestyle- responsible to the environment. One of the most important objectives for me is the effectivity. In architecture it means to use minimum material necessary, re-use and re-cycle, to apply technologies in a smart and integrated way, and to manage the building and its processes (user or IT control) to achieve energy efficiency and comfort. That makes the building become efficient in the terms of cost as well, what provides an acceptation of the involved stakeholders and allows practical application of the sustainable principles- in the cost oriented society. However, the society is changing positivelly- with each time more environmentally conscious stakeholders and actively participating citizens. To support this change, I think it is important to promote the sustainable lifestyle and educate especially young people. My interest and passions are based both in the technical and social aspects of the mentioned processes. There is an extensive knowledge available in the topic of sustainable architecture- I have been able to gain some of it during my Master studies at the Polytechnical University of Catalunya, and later working in various fields (climate studies, sustainable strategies, architectural design, product development, modular facade and bathroom pod detailing, manufacturing processes, etc.) in Barcelona, Istanbul and Bratislava.