Ville Myllynpää
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Freelance Consultant


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Society Technology Environment Energy Water Mobility ICT

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Passion Making a world better place by combining two of my passions, technology and business, in the field of sustainability. I am especially interested about developing business models for sustainability themed product and services, which are helping to popularize those for the public. How did I become me? I have been involved with the sustainability topic for the past decade. I did my bachelor in Environmental Engineering and worked simultaneously in energy self-sustainable project. Three years ago I started my master´s in Sustainable Technologies & Business programme in LUT, in order to grow my knowledge especially in the business side. I did my Master´s thesis on the topic of how utilization of mobile applications could help farmers in the developing markets to develop their agriculture practices to be sustainable. While studying I also developed my leadership and project management skills by working actively in a local AIESEC entity. The problems I solve Topics related to business model development, commercialization and consulting in the areas of small scale renewable energy systems and other sustainability themed products and services, such as online & mobile services. I have special interest towards projects in developing markets and I am currently involved in a product development project for a low cost water purification device aimed for the BoP market.