Michael Lovejoy
Country Representative
at Lovejoy McAuley & Company, Finpro USA

Lovejoy McAuley & Company, Finpro USA
Governmental organization

United States of America

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Society Energy Construction ICT

More about this expert:

Passion Sustainable communities, including renewable energy, zero energy building (ZEB), smart grids, wireless energy transfer, energy harvesting, compact urban design, and augmented virtual spaces. How did I become me? I became interested in international business as a young teenager, while attending boarding school on the island of Barbados, when my parents lived in Venezuela. I carried this interest to the University of Texas at Austin, where I received an MBA. I began my career in the energy industry, and while working for a Canadian oilfield services firm as Manager of Business Development, I developed the idea of translating the company’s existing expertise into geothermal energy development in the Near East, West Africa and Central America as well as large-scale rural groundwater development in the African Sahel. Later, midway through my career, I became interested in the rise of global electronic trading markets and their impact on energy fuels, supporting this interest with studies in telecommunications at Northwestern University and an MSc. degree from the University of Houston, focusing on the human-computer interface. Ultimately, my career path led to Finland, via my energy industry experience and ICT studies, and this link has enabled me to work with public and private sector Finnish entities in the areas of renewable energy, green building, smart grids, liquid biofuels, wireless energy transfer and smart cities. As part of this experience, I was also able to earn an MA degree from the University of London, focusing on cluster formation around science parks. The problems I solve All phases of the business development process, planning; analysis, marketing; sales, contract negotiations and business start-ups.