Anne-Mari Aurola
Project Manager
at Nordkalk

Private company


Expert in:

Water Materials Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Junior ice hockey, dressage riding and fishing. How did I become me? After receiving my Master of Science degree from Helsinki University of Technology (present Aalto University), Chemistry department, I worked as a researcher in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for five years. My Licentiate of Science degree led me into engineering of water and waste water processes and next eight years I worked in a consulting company Pöyry Finland as a process specialist and project manager. My challenges with agricultural run-off waters and aims to reduce phosphorus load started in 2011 at Nordkalk Oy Ab. I coordinate Nordkalk’s work to fulfill our commitment to BSAG (Baltic Baltic Sea). The problems I solve Lime-stone based material selection for different filter and dozing systems, consulting in filter system dimensioning and engineering, education in a field of lime-stone based process solutions.