Pasi Peltomaa
R&D Director
at Enersize

Private company


Expert in:

Technology Energy Processes ICT

More about this expert:

Passion My key skills are related to industrial support processes. In there especially industrial motor driven systems are areas where I have my key experience. Very realistic and sometimes even critical approach to support processes is one of my key skills. How did I become me? My current position is R&D Director at Enersize Ltd. Responsible areas are long tern developing, cooperations with universities, patents and new business opportunities for Enersize Platform. I am B.Sc. in electrical engineering from 2008. Also I have executed energy efficiency expert -training at Aalto University in 2011. Before Enersize I worked in ROCCA Group Oy as a project engineer / manager regarding of industrial compressed air systems. The problems I solve In my position I have had a very good opportunities to seek and research a very deeply that what is a meaning of energy for industry and how could they get even more value-add from energy. No consensus answer found yet, but very clearly can be said that untapped potential is significant and this is the area where I can share my skills.