Markus Mittler
Energy and Sustainability Strategist - Built environment
at Ab Sustainergy

Ab Sustainergy
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Finance Society Technology Environment Energy Water Air Processes Construction

More about this expert:

I'm deeply into energy in the built environment and society together with energy production and consumption in general. I've studied the subjects all the way to my Masters degree and started an own consultancy company that I work for. My core skills are: Building auditing, Renewable energy for buildings, Energy-Efficiency, Project conception and initiation simulations of energy systems. I see my strengths as: Team player, driven to find new businesses, technical and economical oversight. Today I do real estate sustainability certifications and I provide energy-efficiency services to real estate investors. My specialty knowledge lies in interpreting building value and returns on investment for energy-efficiency investments. In short I am a real estate technology guy with economic know how and a sustainable take on the field. Other skills that I possess are renewable energy technology, energy simulations for buildings - power plants - energy systems - countries and cities. Studies: Energy Technology (M.Sc. KTH, Stockholm), HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Technology (B.Sc, Arcada, Helsinki) Work experience: Real estate - management, - investment, - sustainability, - certifications, - energy as well as renewable energy. What's more is that I like working in cross-skilled and cultural groups which initially got me interested to join!