Toni Kinnunen
Head of Technology Development
at Dinex Ecocat

Dinex Ecocat
Private company


Expert in:

Technology Environment Energy Air

More about this expert:

Doctor in physical chemistry, expert especially on catalysis and air purification. In addition, I am holding a degree in education. I have been working in international air purification and emission reduction business for 10 years. Experiences in emission reduction from both mobile (automotive, off-road, marine) and stationary (powerplants and process industry) sources. Seen a lot of challenges to be solved with various technologies and been involved on local air purification projects around the world. Having head group level R&D, built a wide research network with many European universities and competence centers in the field of engines and catalysis. In addition, I own a Docentorship in University of Oulu on Environmental Technology, Especially on Air Purification and Pollution Control