Lotta Immonen
Circular Economy Specialist
at Ethica

Private company


Expert in:

Environment Energy Water Materials Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Facilitating the shift towards circular economy. To not to see waste but to see material that haven't found it's full potential. To train, educate and solve problems. How did I become me? I've worked with governmental agency and organic fertilizers. Production of these products is usually a by-product of bioenergy or waste management, so deep insight of these was needed and also developed further. It required also the knowledge of national and EU legislation about ABP (Animal By-Products). I've always been deeply concerned and interested in environmental issues and for example climate change. I've had a need to help solving these problems. I have studied environmental sciences, micro- and molecular biology, chemistry and social studies. The problems I solve With my current work at Ethica Oy I participate in training and finding circular solutions for businesses and public sector. These solutions also mean better environmental and social opportunities. We advice, train and consult businesses and public sector about circular economy and sustainability. My speciality is bioeconomy (biotalous), bioenergy and the utilization of the by-products of these.