Peter Hayes
President & CEO
at Inter-Cultural Development Innovations (IDI)

Inter-Cultural Development Innovations (IDI)
Private company

New Minas

Expert in:

Policy Society Technology Design Environment Energy

More about this expert:

Who: I am President of Inter-Cultural Development Innovations (IDI): with over 3 decades working across Canada, and in/for 58 countries, successfully developing and implementing 300+ clean-tech and socio-economic development projects. What: I have specializing: in Climate Adaptation; Climate Mitigation (carbon development and renewable energy); Environmental Management Consulting; Enterprise and Community Economic Development; Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR); Infrastructure Rehabilitation; Environmental Tourism and biodiversity. How: I speak Spanish (Proficient), French (Intermediary); basic Portuguese and Tagalog; MA Int’al Dev’t & Climate Adaptation; BA CMNs; DMATP Tourism; GHG Verification Certification (ISO 14064/65). How: Programs and Regions: I helped spearhead the World Bank’s GEF $560K and SCCF $6.7M Programme: Adapting To The Impact Of Rapid Glacier Retreat in The Tropical Andes; was Senior Manager for the Inter-American Development Bank’s Mundo Maya Regional Tourism Biodiversity Programme; worked for several international NGOs (CODE-Caribbean, CARE-US/Peru (USAID), SCF-Central America, S.E. Asia); served as ED for Canada’s ClimAdapt (public/private adaptation) Network; and for The Society For Community Development. Why: I seek to convert every clean-tech development project into a socio-economically sustainable initiative, toward a more ecologically sound and just world. Expertise Climate Adaptation/ Risk Management • Asian Development Bank: Former Senior Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Specialist, Central W. Asia (10 countries) • Climate-Related EIA: Assisted in development of Nova Scotia Climate-Oriented Environmental Impact Assessment • Indian Ocean SIDS: Spearheaded, co-sponsored, coordinated COP12 Indian Ocean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Climate Adaptation consultations. • Caribbean SIDS: CIDA-funded risk analysis; vulnerability research re community adaptive artisan fishery and tourism • Climate-Proofing: Formulated risk management screening tools for EU development planning. Environmental Sustainability/Biodiversity • IDB Mundo Maya, Mesoamerica (Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico): Managed Inter-American Development Bank financed US$1.5M Strategy re: Biodiversity, Enterprise Development and Tourism • Honduras, Potable Water: Overall management of community potable water project design, development, and broad-based public and community consultations. Renewable Energy/ Carbon Development/Climate Mitigation • COP11 Renewable Technology & Carbon Development: Project Design & Development (pre-feasibility, PINs, PDDs) • Caribbean: Conducted Carbon Feasibility Study of Municipal Landfill Gas-to-Energy (LFGTE), Dominican Republic; Tegucigalpa, Honduras landfill conversion to recreational site • Cuba: Conducted Carbon Finance Assessment/Feasibility of Cuba Wind-for-Water Renewable Energy (CDM) Extreme Events and Disaster Risk Management/ Rehabilitation)/ Assessment • Caribbean SIDS (Haiti, Grenada, Jamaica): Post-Hurricane Ivan/Jeanne disaster relief (CIDA-Red Cross) • Peru: Post-ENSO flood field assessments in support of road & housing rehabilitation programmes (CARE Peru) • Honduras: Post-Hurricane Mitch Water and Sanitation site assessments; disaster rehabilitation (CARE USA) Climate Change Partnership and Fund/Enterprise Development • COP18: Co-led Nova Scotia Trade Mission for 12 Canadian companies. Mission garnered $660M in business contracts • Marshaled over $100M: Financing for climate change and community/business development via Multilateral knowledge brokering with host government, IFI, bilateral, donor agency, ENGO, academia, and corporate partners