Jyri Seppälä
Professor, Director of Sustainable Consumption and Production Center
at Finnish Environment Institute

Finnish Environment Institute
Governmental organization


Expert in:

Policy Technology Environment Energy

More about this expert:

Prof. Jyri Seppälä has gained vast experience in the field of sustainable production and consumption. His expertise covers the sustainability assessments of different products, services and production systems in which he had used and develeloped different methodologies such as multi-criteria decision analysis, risk analysis and life cycle impact assessment (LCIA). He has been a coordinator and leader of several large national multidisciplinary projects. He has participated in numerous international conferences, symposiums and work groups. He has provided his expertise for various committees and helped the Ministry of the Environment in the preparation of environmental legislation by producing background materials. He leads so-called HINKU project in which fourteen minicipalities have committed themselves to reduce their area's greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030. Now he is in charge of leading sustainable production and consumption research and expert work at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).