Ronald Newman
at Newman Anouvair

Newman Anouvair
Private company

United States
Temecula, California

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Technology Design Environment Energy Water Air Materials Processes

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Ronald has a PhD in chemical engineering & chemical technology from Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, London, UK, and a diploma in cosmetic science from the London College of Fashion. He spent 17 years in the chemical industry leading multi-functional teams for the identification and commercialization of new chemicals, followed by 18 years working on the development & commercialization of new consumer products. Ronald started his own consulting business in 2012 with the principal goal of providing “ecologically sound product development” to companies with the aim of commercializing new product based on renewable materials. He has been a frequent contributor to “Household & Personal Care Today” technical journal writing articles about promising consumer product applications of renewable materials. Technology Skill Set: Renewable material sourcing and synthesis Essential oils/aroma chemistry Industrial & consumer product & packaging development using renewable materials Engineering of manufacturing systems to make industrial & consumer products Fragrance delivery systems Oleo-chemical & wax chemistry & properties Services Skill Set: Problem identification, analysis & solving Risk assessment & mitigation Technology project management (stage-gate) New products & applications innovation and commercialization Technology/patent tracking Supply chain intelligence Regulatory compliance & quality systems management