Paul Ehlert
Lighting Design Director
at Lichtkompetenz GmbH

Lichtkompetenz GmbH
Private company


Expert in:

Society Technology Design Environment Energy Materials Processes Construction

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We tell stories in light and space. We: Inspire. Interpret. Develop. Accentuate. Tell the story. EPOS design, a new voice in lighting. We believe that every project has a story to tell, this story can relate to culture, to space, to history, to art or to the people. We treat every new project as a new experience, and approach it with a vision that looks both forwards and backwards to the needs of the project. We recognise that people of different countries and cultures will relate to light differently, and that it is essential to take into account local tradition and surroundings in innovative lighting schemes that relate to the local customs and environments. It is our role to harness technology, push boundaries and translate that into beautiful illumination in complete harmony with the space, time and location. My personal background: I have a background in architecture and lighting design, working as lighting specialist and project manager for almost a decade on big-scale international projects around the world. Challanges: I see our interest and knowledge a big challange itself. Lighting and related technology develop into a powerful system. Not only light, but a lot of energy and information can be presented with new schemes - but one has to know how to design and control it. We see lighting as one of the strongest connectors between construction, intelligent building automation and branding + identy design and would like to contribute to it.