Behnam Zakeri
Postdoctoral Researcher
at Aalto University

Aalto University


Expert in:

Policy Technology Design Environment Energy Processes

More about this expert:

About me: I'm passionate about the solutions that promise a more creative, happier, more environmental-friendly, healthier, and more inclusive society. I love nature and outdoor activities. I have been living in Iran, Finland, Denmark, and the UK, and I'm looking forward to discovering more places and experiences. My expertise: I have a diverse educational background, suitable to deal with different challenges in the energy sector. From a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering with focus on building energy solutions to a master's degree in Energy Technology focused on renewable energy systems, and a PhD in Energy Economics and Modelling. I have minor studies in Industrial Management and Environmental Engineering as well. I'm expert in quantitative analysis and systems engineering. By applying methods such as modelling and simulation, operations research and network theory, I can help you in different energy-environment related projects. The potential projects can be, for example: - Feasibility study of a specific technology or energy solution - Designing a zero-energy building - Improving energy efficiency of an industrial plant - Minimizing environmental footprint of a community - Modelling of an urban energy system, and - Analyzing energy markets and policies I would like to offer added value to my clients, not only by providing a high-quality consultancy, but also by handing over models and tools I create. I can help to train your experts to employ such software packages and tools in similar projects. Some experiences: I have been involved in a number of projects, to name some: - A biorefinery project (Biotuli) in Finland, aiming to diversify and innovate products of a traditional pulp and paper industry. - I was a system designer in a project supported by ABB to improve the energy efficiency of the fluid handling system in an energy-intensive industry. - I was involved in the feasibility study of energy storage for the Island of Jersey, a project for a commercial client. - I'm a member of the STEEM project (Sustainable Transition of European Energy Markets), seeking to analyze efficient market designs for integration of renewable energy in Europe. - I am working on the impact of zero-energy buildings and virtual communities on the cost and emissions of the energy system.