Katja Espo
Director, Partner
at Prior

Private company


Expert in:

Society Design

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Passion To contribute to the building of better communities. Both professionally and personally. How did I become me? I have worked in the field of reputation management and communications for over 15 years. I have a strong experience of organizations and companies from different sectors. And there is not much I haven´t done in the field of communications. During the years and tens of projects I found my passion: strategic consulting. To be my clients trusted advisor. During the years 2008-2013 I had the great opportunity to work with Cleantech Finland. In this cooperation I have had a vantage point to explore Finnish cleantech sector. The problems I solve I help communities, organizations and companies to achieve their goals and execute their strategies. I work widely in the field of reputation management and communications. Reputation management means building, strengthening and protecting reputation. It is about understanding and working with internal and external stakeholders. It contains strategic insight as well as long-term commitment to execute plans with different kind of communications and marketing tactics.