Aki Honkanen
Research and Development Manager
at Sybimar

Private company


Expert in:

Technology Design Environment Energy Water Materials Processes

More about this expert:

My passion is to help customers to fulfill their visions to accomplish economically and environmentally feasible projects. I have graduations in Process engineering (B. Sc) and in Environmental Technology (M. Eng). The first 10 years of my working I spent on different research and customer technical assistant roles in European paper industry in American company. Since 2010 I have worked in one of the pioneer companies in blue economy in Finland (www.sybimar.fi). I have worked as role of project manager in the building project of Sybimar EcosystemTM where the energy of combined food production of fish farming and greenhouse is produced with biogas. The food production is based on aquaponics, where the nutrients and carbon dioxide of Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) is utilized in greenhouse production and the heat and oxygen from greenhouse is utilized in RAS. I also have strong background working with liquid biofuels, biogas and bioenergy in general. In order to make things click… - I will handle the environmental permit processes - I know the key grant processes for financing the projects - I understand the key legislation on biofuels, animal based by-products and fertilizer production - I know the technology of biogas and biofuel processes - I know the aquaculture and I am able to design the system as well - I know the importance of people and companies in different phases of projects - I am able to discuss with people smarter than me around complex research areas - I do projects…