Suvi Monni
Entrepreneur, Senior Expert
at Benviroc

Private company


Expert in:

Policy Environment Energy Air

More about this expert:

Suvi Monni is a climate change expert with in-depth knowledge on reporting and review of UNFCCC GHG emission inventories, national communications and biennial reports. She has extensive knowledge of GHG emissions at local, national and global level. In Finland she has developed CO2-report (CO2-raportti) service, which is the market leader of municipality-level GHG emission inventories in Finland, with about 90 municipalities (over 70 % of population) involved in annual GHG emission reporting system. Suvi has significant experience in evaluation and quantification of climate policies and in supporting policy-making in Finland and at the EU-level. She has been involved in compilation of three Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) under Covenant of Mayors in Finland and evaluated over 200 SEAPs of European cities.