Michiel Maandag
Founder & Owner
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Why would you need to Solve your branding? Whatever you are selling... a product, an experience, a cause... there needs to be something that captures everything you do, so people can buy “it” and talk about “it”. That “it” is your brand! And... you cannot sell or promote without a brand. It is that important. What can I Solve for you? Together with you I can help you to position your product, experience or cause for success. For example: - How to become relevant in the minds of your customers? - How to name your product properly? What about our company name versus product names? - How to get more sales while spending less on marketing? - Most effective launch strategies in your home market and internationally When you are growing or have grown big already I can Solve with you questions like: - Do we expand our business or our brand? - How do we make sure everybody in the organisation gets our brand? Other times you need just simply accelerate your thinking. As a passionate and engaging international advisor I use brand thinking and creative problem solving skills to make the complex simple. Read more about me and the companies I worked with on LinkedIn fi.linkedin.com/in/michielmaandag/