Marko Kallio
at Aalto University

Aalto University


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Society Technology Environment Water Air Mobility

More about this expert:

I am an environmental engineer, cartographer and a geoinformatician based in Helsinki, Finland. I hold a Bachelor's degree in environmental engineering (specialized in water management) and a Master's degree in geoinformatics. Currently I work as a researcher at Aalto University and study towards my PhD in the field of geoinformatics. Before starting as a researcher, I was working at the Finnish Transport Agency as a trainee producing electronic nautical charts and performed database inspections and corrected errors. In addition, I have been working in a few projects in Southeast Asia doing hydrological and water quality modelling. One of these projects involved an intensive period of 2 months when I worked at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Lao PDR, doing modelling and training the department of water resources staff in hydrological modelling. Outside of my professional life, I'm an OpenStreetMap enthusiast and an active member of HOT-OSM Finland (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team). I'm an avid cyclist too, and use a bicycle for most of my transport need all year round. As for Solved, I'm interested in all projects related to environmental technology, especially related to water. Mobility and transport is another field that i'd like to look at. I am certain that my skills in geospatial data would be handy in many applications related to these.