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My passion has been studying and entrepreneurship. I´ve 5 academic degrees from forestry and biology. I´m the establisher and main owner of MHG Systems Oy LTD, a company specialiced in biomass flow management by the means of easy-to use ITC services. As a hobby I manage my own and neighbours´ forest estates (1000+ hectares) doing all activities needed to maximize returns. The forests work also as a “sandbox” to test MHG´s ITC services. I and MHG Systems as a company are interested in providing the following services: • Feasibility assessment for bioenergy pathways – We provide mobile data collection services for strategic identification and evaluation of investment opportunities for bioenergy pathways. Our services are typically used in combination with satellite imagery and third party simulation applications, such as IPTIM. Efficient data management linked with GIS system, allows multiple users to share, interpret and present data, commonly over internet while maintaining the data integrity at the same time. As a pioneer in bioenergy process data management, MHG can reduce your cost, streamline the data flow and put the data back in your hands. To support these assessments, we evaluate how variability in feedstock supply, infrastructural constraints, and potential electricity demand might affect the financial viability of investments in biomass-based energy plants. • Sustainability and process innovation- Beyond addressing gaps in information access and IT infrastructure, IT projects can be a vehicle for process innovation. MHG Systems keeps a tab on the latest policy and technology developments in the bioenergy industry, and participates in R&D projects to incorporate these into our services. Examples involve development of feedstock origin tracking functionality enabling compliance with ‘chain of custody’ legislation, integration of dynamic or user-generated social, environmental or economic data, such as feedstock heating value or transport costs and emissions, or integration with third party applications enabling easier environmental reporting. With support and commitment of management, sustainability of bioenergy supply chains become a question of the timely and effective retrieval, transmission, receipt, storage and manipulation of information. • IT performance evaluation – IT has come from ’back office’ to being at the heart of new business strategies, and biomass industries are no exception. Realizing the full potential from IT investments requires clear identification of expected benefits and planning, a process that has to be aligned with business strategy. Where to obtain IT functionalities that can support adopted business strategies is often overlooked by managers. Successful companies have systemic competencies and IT governance strategies that enable them to obtain required IT functionalities as market conditions change. MHG Systems can help you assess your information technology capacity based on an understanding of bottlenecks or reoccurring problems in the supply chain. Common focus areas are assessment of potential for integrated data sharing and communication with the upstream supply network in terms of better information, improved service quality and control, as well as identifying where IT could reduce transaction costs, and how to reduce long-term overall IT costs. • Training – Effective deployment of new IT systems requires changes in work method that extend beyond your IT department, to both business managers and users. Use of mobile apps by field workers or of new management information services therefore requires training. Depending on client needs, this involves training of staff in feedstock mapping, mobile feedstock quality and quantity monitoring and reporting, deliveries tracking and planning and inventory management. MHG Systems Ltd is a bioenergy ERP systems pioneer. We innovate through integrating open software technology with years of field experience in the biomass business. The mission at MHG Systems is to bring efficiency gains, cost savings and environmental benefits to all operators in the value chain, enabling optimization of material and human resources and facilitating operation of more complex business models.