Tapani Korhonen
Owner / Founder
at Entrepreneur & Energy as a Service

Entrepreneur & Energy as a Service
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Finance Technology Design Energy Materials Processes ICT

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Dream of my life: Be full time inventor! Since I was a little kid I've been extremely fascinated and good in solving technical problems and improving old methods! What I do best: - Invent & develop new or old Business concepts - Streamline processes - Improve customer experiences - Design mechanical machines and tools What's my background & experience - Education: Airplane Engineer (mechanics) - Entrepreneur (owner of 3 companies) - Industires: Airplanes, Motorcycles, Marine/Offshore, Heavy machines, production lines, - Work: Team leader for engineering team, 3D design engineer, Field engineer and 20 years of hands on mechanical and electrical maintenance - Locations: Finland, Brazil (+7 years), Malaysia - Languages: Finnish, English, Portuguese (Brazilian) - IQ: Top 3%