Miikka Tunturi
Environmental Remediation Specialist
at Co-operative Bionautit

Co-operative Bionautit
Private company


Expert in:

Technology Environment Water Materials

More about this expert:

I am an enthusiastic cleantech professional who is engaged in solving the major challenges our society is facing today. My strongest expertise is in designing solutions for remediation of contaminated soil, groundwater and sediment sites - especially with the advanced in-situ methods. Besides environmental remediation I have a solid background in engineering, regulatory and commercial aspects of industrial and mining waste management. My professional background is in environmental geology and engineering. The past and current roles in the past 13+ years in service of various contractors in environmental projects in developed, transitional economies and developing countries have given me an insight into the critical factors that determine the success or failure of a project. Better future can be achieved with innovative science-driven environmental engineering solutions. A good team with relentless can-do attitude can do marvels.