Olli Kolehmainen
Owner and Principal Consultant
at KoleConsulting

Private company


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Policy Society Environment Water Air

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My passion I have always been interested, and passionate, in promoting environmentally and socially sustainable development. In my mind this is not actually rocket science, but mainly adopting reasonable and feasible solutions in the use of natural resources, in industry, and in energy production, considering the real sustainability of the activities and the opportunities offered by cleaner technology. These approaches and technologies should also be available for the less developed countries. How did I become me I chose to study environmental protection as soon as I was able to enter an university. After that I tried to choose jobs that would fit my passion: a job in the Ministry that was responsible for environmental protection, an environmental monitoring laboratory, and a major consulting company (Pöyry). Then after 30 years of working in these organisations, I founded my own environmental consulting company (KoleConsulting). I have taken special interest in working with projects in countries of economic transition (eastern Europe and Asia) and in developing countries (Africa, Asia and South America). In total I have been working in more than 50 countries. Lately I have focused on Western Africa (Ghana and Sierra Leone), and a few projects in Europe. The problems I solve Most of my work has been in environmental management: environmental assessment, environmental auditing, environmental management systems, and environmental monitoring. I also have participated in a large number of due diligence exercises as an environmental expert. I truly believe that the use of common sense and understanding the basics of environmental and social sustainability can produce better projects and operations. Most of my clients have been in the business of forestry and forest industries, but also in the other sectors of natural resources utilization, other industries and energy production.