Heikki Kalliokoski
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Technology Design Environment Energy Construction ICT

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I have been involved in HEVAC business at various positions for over 20 years. My expertise is: - Energy savings with efficient and automated HEVAC - Project consultant - Comfortable working environment with right lighting and indoor climate - Buildings electric systems - Lighting systems - Building automation - Building ventilation and heat recovery - Building heat pump systems - LAN and optical cable networks - HEVAC renovation designer - Passive GSM and 4g/LTE repeater systems in buildings - Elecrical safety instructor . I have been an expert trainer for different occasions also and love to participate in different projects that have new challenges! Sertifications (Finnish) - ATEX electric desing - AT antenna and information networks - OL optical fibers - Electrical safety instructor (SETI) - S2 electric contractor - KNX automation partner - Energy audit (MOTIVA) - Large company energy audit (MOTIVA) - Heat pump systems <3kg refrigerant contractor etc..