Corina Radu
Sustainability and CSR Expert
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Expert in:

Policy Finance Society Technology Environment Energy Water Air Materials Processes Construction Mobility

More about this expert:

I am an expert in project management with more than 10 years experience within environmental and energy sector, providing benchmarking, metrics and practical solutions for sustainable development in complex energy projects. My competence regards project management, strategic planning, financial analysis, sustainable development and sustainability reporting according to International Guideline GRI. My passion is making sustainable behavior a a more profitable way of life for businesses and individuals. I believe in actionable ideas which bring value not only in energy sector but in others such as education, food, environment industries and so on. My experience lays with connecting strategic concepts and business needs and translating them into practical ideas and new projects. I have implemented projects in: Austria, Romania, Norway, New Zealand, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, and UK. Good knowledge of West Africa business culture.