Mikko Halonen
Automation Engineer, Big Data Specialist, Product Manager and Project Manager
at Wiciot



Expert in:

Technology Design Environment Energy Processes Construction Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

Automation Engineer (B.Sc.), Big Data Specialist, Product Manager and expert of Project Management, it is my main know-how area. At the moment I am Big Data Specialist and Product Manager in WICIOT Ltd. I make marketing material and crowdfunding campaign plan for new IoT product. I working also with webpage developing, created by WordPress and make advert video production (script, filming and editing). With new product I make also specification, test planning and testing work. I working with subcontractors about CE approval testing. B2B case planning with new product is part my job. This Big Data Specialist training give to me basic knowledge about data analytics, Oracle DBMS & SQL basic, Google Analytics, Hadoop, NoSQL, R-coding, R-Studio qplot visualization, Web page technical analyzing and digital marketing. Master Data management, data mining and data governance are part of learning. I have a good Project Management experience about embedded SW and system level Integration & Verification (I&V) of mobile switching controlling system (Media Gateway). Water fall, main street, incremental model and Agile method (Scrum and KanBan) are used in my projects. I have competence also for Program Management, Scrum Master, SW development and Product Owner. Project and program organizations has been global, virtual team members were from Germany, Hungary, India and China. Working language has been English. Project management work involves follow-up of quality, integration planning with different kind of software level, planning of requirements, cost, specification, management of subcontracting and system release work planning. This competence give me to chance working with many different kind of projects. I have experience also from system level special Proof of Concept project, includes SW and HW combinations, from begin to customer demos (WebRTC). Looking for new cleantech project. IoT and big data are future issues in cleantech area also. But not only project management issues, my passions are photographing, filming and writing. Nature and fly fishing are source of my inspirations. Email: mihalone(a)me.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mikko-halonen Instagram: MikkoHalonen_NaturePhoto