Jari Aittakari
at GloCell

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Finance Technology Materials Processes ICT

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Passion I see that there are great opportunities to make pulp&paper sector better with fresh and business oriented thinking How did i become me? I have experience on cleantech and bioeconomy from different angles below. I have been participating in early researchs of Nanocellulose functionalities. I have been a member of a team finding solutions for roll to roll encapsulation of OLEDs and solarpanels with ALD technology. I have been working in co-operation with Finnish top end researchers in national bioeconomy programs by ranking new possible bioproducts into an Techno-Economical order by their business potential and risk levels. I have produces studies on how well are R&D portfolios managed in organisations and does the innovation process deliver real value to the company or are they just build by subjective decisioning. I also have been working with pre-feasibility study made to find investors for the greenfield biorefinery to be build at Haapajärvi Finland. In my current work I manage smaller and larger projects to improve pulp&paper companies capabilities to be more cost vs quality efficient in their production. The problems I would add value Cost vs quality issues in all wood fiber based productions. Techno-economic modelling and risk vs reward evaluations in new products.