Johnny Långstedt
Phd. Worker / Project Manager
at Dept. of Comparative Religion / Morrow

Dept. of Comparative Religion / Morrow
Private company


Expert in:

Society Environment Processes

More about this expert:

I'm a curious and easy going fellow who enjoys solving puzzles and problems. I am currently a Ph.d. worker at the department of comparative religion, Åbo Akademi University. I believe my humanistic education, and its application on corporate challenges, has afforded me with a rare insight to people and organizations. My work has mainly comprised developing leadership methods based on basic human values. I've had the luxury to work with some of the big multinational companies in Finland and have gained an insight on the issues that managers currently face - much of which is related to change. A considerable part of my work has been training and educating managers in the art of values-based management both for use within and beyond company borders. In short my interests are: Stakeholder management development, change leadership, and corporate culture. If your facing people-related challenges, why not send me an e-mail or give me a ring? Let's solve them together!