Satu Freyberg
Managing Director
at Induco

Private company


Expert in:

Policy Society Environment

More about this expert:

My expertise is marketing, international cooperation and leadership and especially I want to promote the concept of Resource Wisdom. My background is in assisting businesses with internationalization and fostering their international capabilities. I have worked two decades in regional and business development and have a large number of international cooperation partners in different countries. I work with companies, authorities, researches and various experts. I am good at identifying the core expertise of different experts and making them work towards the common goal. Helping these people to succeed together is my goal. I promote Resource wisdom – a scalable operating model for regions to create vitality, business competitiveness, employment and sustainable wellbeing from circular and carbon neutral economy. Positive impacts of resource wisdom on local economy, employment and environment are significant. Key elements of the model are successful cooperation between different stakeholders as well as marketing and communication. This is where I can help.