Otso Tolonen
Sustainability Specialist
at Induco

Private company


Expert in:

Society Technology Design Environment Energy Processes Mobility

More about this expert:

In my profession, I aim to find that sweet spot between business and sustainability by especially considering environmental factors and latest trends in urban and regional development. My skillset consists of: - Ability to relate environmental issues and trends to an economic context - Clear environmental communicator in environmental perceptions, risks and opportunities - Ability to assess environmental aspects and impacts on a cradle to grave level - Solid awareness of measuring and reporting aspects - Strong presentation skills and intercultural background As my latest work, I’ve been working with the city of Jyväskylä and Induco Ltd. to promote and develop Resource Wisdom, a regional operating model for circular economy and regional resiliency. With this work, I have discovered ways in which sustainable development models can be scaled to different countries and communities. Moreover, working with topics such as energy production, water management, food systems and mobility have left me with a profound understanding of the environmental and economic impacts that regions across the globe face. Therefore, my projects have given me a solid awareness on how to integrate the latest sustainability trends to development plans in especially urban and semi urban areas and in overall regional development. I have studied environmental management at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland and environmental sciences at the Baylor University in Texas, USA. Also, I am a board member of the Finnish Environmental Management Association. As my background suggests, I’m deeply interested in how humans can interact with nature and use it without exploiting it. In my free time, I like to explore this area via voluntary work, and for the past three summers, I have travelled to France to work on organic farms and to build a sustainable house from cob and straw bale. I’m looking forward to sharing all my experiences and know-how with private, public and non-governmental organizations to ensure we develop sustainably.