Soheil Zeinali
at Scandinavia Silk Road Commerce Association

Scandinavia Silk Road Commerce Association
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Society Design Environment Energy Processes Construction

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It dose not matter what you do and how you do that. First, when you are sure about why you do that you will get enough a sustainable energy for getting fulfilment and joy with your professional performances. I do feel that any new circumstances, physical or mental environments should get you to ask yourself how you should act upon and in what extent you would/should/could involve yourself in it. Being part of Solved expert community would be a new challenge for doing my foremost efforts for creating a better life for the next generation who otherwise would inherit all problems we human kind, and particularly in western countries, somehow have caused for mother nature during last century. Clean Tech, as a organised way to deal with environment related challenges would be a pure field for myself for being able to to do my duty as human and professional. As a skilled professional manager in various fields such as construction, property, energy project, facility, supply chain I do believe that my experiences would be beneficial for tasks Solved will be asked to solve. At the same time, my speciality as a Strategic Development Senior Manager would have an essential impact on the complex missions Solved would receive as in our modern world seldom you can identify just a single reason behind the environmental problem. Short about me 53 years old Married Swedish, Iranian and Canadian 2 children Have lived in Sweden since 1984 Lived and worked in UK and Canada Civil Engineer, KTH Stockholm since 1994 Started and owned several companies Has had a career from cleaner to CEO Love and play music Semi professional photographer Passionated in sports, traveling and food