Konsta Sirvio
Consultant / Managing Director
at SirWay Ltd.

SirWay Ltd.
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Finance Society Technology Environment Processes Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

When I was studying System Analysis with Industrial Engineering and Management I got fascinated by application of mathematical modelling on solving managerial problems. I got that much interested that I wanted to continue my studies. However, I wanted to change the focus from analytical models to empirical, data-based machine learning methods. The topic of my doctoral thesis is "predictive maintenance planning of roads by empirical models", which combines two of my focus areas: predictive and optimisation models as well as infrastructure asset management. Other main interests of mine include Intelligent Transport Systems and Strategic Transport Studies. So far, I have 17 years work experience from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, France, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Angola and Nigeria in Consultancy and Research projects. My degrees include M.Sc. (Tech), M.Soc.Sc. and D.Sc. (graduation in 2017). The studies combine business, engineering, social and political sciences, economic and social history, philosophy, intercultural encounters, theoretical and applied mathematics and computer science. My main future interest is on improving management and processes by using collected data with predictive and optimisation methods packaged in user-friendly software. My focus domain will remain mainly in the transport sector.