Vesa Laine
Project Manager
at Sitowise Oy

Sitowise Oy
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Technology Design Environment Processes Construction Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

I'm interested of working with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. My personal goal is to keep my life in balance between work, health and social life. Currently, I am very interested of utilizing my skills for Intelligent Transport System (ITS) sector, and in particularly from the point of view of management with data. My career path started off doing research projects in Oulu University where my main topic was car model safety reasearch. The research was funded by EU and during 2000 I was visiting researcher in Monash University Accident Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia. I had the opportunity to be involved in other research projects in which I was the leading data management expert. In those projects we managed and analysed e.g. Road Weather Station data from from all the stations in Finland. Since 2001 i worked as a consultant in Ramboll Finland. Projects that I did varied from feasibility studies through road construction planning to road asset management projects. My main duties were investment analysis, noise analysis, road safety, code development and management with data. Last 3 years in Ramboll I was R&D Co-ordinator. Between 2012 and 2016 I run my own start-up company. We were developing a gamified platform for junior sport teams. I was leading simultaneously several web and mobile development projects in close co-operation with local universities and funding institutions. Today my main responsibility is to lead ITS projects in the northern Finland in Sito.