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Policy Society Design Environment Processes

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Proven track record on developing and implementing management systems and change programs. Utilizing in depth knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and pedagogy. Pretty many of my customers have told me "you really challenge us and get us going". I have experience of working on five continents. Since 1986 I have helped organization to become better as a consultant, civil servant and entrepreneur. With strong analytical skills I can describe any development plans and programs in Key Performance Indicators and financial value. Aside of mastering a great many development tools and systems, I have also developed a very effective tool for implementing new culture and behaviour; Board for Emotions Activating Learning, BfEAL(r). Quality and environmental system implementation require good understanding of the system chosen, ability to adapt the system to the business environment and competence to deliver the tools for implementation and further development. I helped my customer to develop and implement their ISO14001 system in 1997. That system is running and audited. There has been a great number more of those after that (ISO14001, ISO9001, EFQM). People from the organizations I've worked with tell me, that it is really valuable, that I can speak the their "language". Be that then foundry, mine, shop, school or factory. My way of working follows the basic procedure; - what is the outcome needed - what is the organizational commitment and resources allocated - what is the present situation - laying out the project plan - discussing the project plan with the customer and getting their commitment to it - delivery - follow up My multiple education (B.Sc. engineering logistics, M.Sc. Environmental management, Vocational Teacher, Emotional Intelligence trainer, Coach etc.) equips me to work in multiple situations with strong scientific bed rock. When it is time to get results, get in touch!