Kata Konstantin
Legal & Financial Advisor
at Ministry of National Development

Ministry of National Development
Governmental organization


Expert in:

Policy Finance Law Environment Energy

More about this expert:

I'm a professional lawyer with several years of experience in the fields of energy & environmental law, not to mention the waste management sector. I graduated with merit in 2013 (University of ELTE, Hungary) as a lawyer with special interest in environmental taxation. I began my professional career in the private sector as a desk officer being in charge of national waste management issues. After that, thanks to my diligence and effort on studying foreign languages I was one of the four Hungarian young professionals who could research abroad with a German scholarship in 2014. From October 2014 till March 2015 I’ve been working at the Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA) analysing the actual problems of energy efficiency, energy storage (power-to-gas, pumped-storage hydroelectricity), CO2 quote system of the EU, the environmental legislation of the EU and also composed memos on this topics for my superior. In my German master thesis (University of Göttingen, Master Program for Foreign students) I've been dealing with the positive and negative sides of promoting alternative energies in Germany, Spain and Sweden so I’m familiar with the main legal sources and data banks (IEA, IRENA) on the energy law field. Further I got to know with the methods of the international waste shipment of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes during this time. Thanks to this period of my working experience now I’m able to communicate fluently and without interruption in German and have a good knowledge in English, too. And what drives me? The constant and unshakeable belief that I could also contribute to a better, calmer, greener future leaving a trace behind which will be followed by the next generation.