Frédéric Pavesi
International Sales Manager & Business Developer
at Schoeller Allibert Swiss Sarl and Own distribution & consulting structure

Schoeller Allibert Swiss Sarl and Own distribution & consulting structure
Private company


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Technology Design Materials Processes

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My actuality Promote solutions in relation with the Blue Economy and the Circular Economy, which are related to water and more specifically to the following topics: - Reduce water consumption - Improve water quality - Increase access to drinking water Currently representing in Switzerland and France: - the solutions of VortexPower AG ( - as well as the mineral paper of Innov’Blue S.A.S. ( Interest Help and support projects having a sustainable aim, especially the ones corresponding to the “blue” economy model, by concretely involving myself into them, rather than giving theoretical advices. How did I became what I am With a mechanical engineering background, I have always looked through my various professional experiences to acquire new skills based on a practical rather than theoretical approach. In that sense, my first experiences as development engineer left place, few years later, to an entry into the world of international sales, then later into a position of manager of a business unit and finally to the co-foundation of an engineering facility, before to come back to the international sales. These various activities allowed me to acquire, in addition to my engineering background, strong sales skills, an understanding of different cultures and mentalities, of the overall management of entrepreneurial activity and of its diverse aspects, including strategy, personnel management, budgeting, business models, sales funnels, cost control and production coordination. Skills & competences • Experience in the definition and implementation of a business strategy • Experience in obtaining the quality and success of an operation o Lead all aspects of the management and of the operation of a business unit (development, sales, production, customer service, finance, costs, resources, etc.) o Obtain sales goals (revenue, contribution, margin) o Manage sales networks (maintain and develop networks of agents and representatives, manage network costs, etc.) • Experience in business development o Experience of "organic" development (enlargement of the customer portfolio in the same application) and "differential" development (enlargement of the product portfolio and applications) • Experience in business start-up • Business leader skills o Create a collaborative management scheme, based on a cohesive and motivated team, precise and well-defined processes, as well as a continuous close monitoring of all aspects of a company • Experience in the representation of a company o Absolute respect for ethics and confidentiality is the number one focus • Develop a network of contacts and partners • Knowledge of the inner mechanisms of a company o Knowledge of the inner workings of small businesses (40 to 70 employees) in Switzerland and in Europe, of international groups of company of 1,000 to 1’500 people, as well as of an international group of 5,000 employees • Experience in the management of complex situations o Ability to manage a multidisciplinary (mechanical-, software-, hardware- development, ink chemistry, printing process) and international team (team composed of French-, German- and English-speaking team members) o Ability to co-manage with European & US teams in highly dynamic and constantly evolving environments • Experience of international projects o Used to evolve and interact in a global and international context, requiring a high flexibility and an openness to different cultures (Europe, America, Latin America, Middle East, Asia) • Experience in economics o Management of turnovers, costs and margins, and of competitive landscapes • Analytical, strategic and entrepreneurial skills o Actively involved into the analysis and the acquisition process of third-party companies (Merger & Acquisitions), as well as development of strategic partnerships and Due Diligence processes. o Leading design and implementation of innovative or complementary products to enter new market segments, or to improve the already existing offer. • Good communicator in French, German and English