Zuzana Kopajova
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Policy Law Society Design Environment Energy Water Mobility

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My passions are Art, Diplomacy and Nature. My biggest challenge was to manifest my Love by Absence... Freedom for Loved ones and Trust in their own Paths. Motherhood, Sisterhood and Relationship hood describe be well... and also Little Red Riding Hood. I like to connect people with interest in Environment. I love Honey, Humor, Hope. Water is what I need the Most... My Diploma Thesis was about Transboundary Water Resources Management in Central Asia... I did it on the Charles University, Institute of International Relations, Russian and East European Studies. I speak many languages and still learning my own. I want to combine Motherhood with a meaningful carrier... before I worked at the Norwegian Embassy in Bratislava as a Secretary for Culture, Journalism and Business... this was the top carrier I could wish for. So now it only gets better... because I count my working and academic hours as an opportunity cost, that I could have spent with my Family, Friends and Hobbies. Water sports and Climbing, Hiking... I also do Arts and am Art... Zdob... Photography, Painting, Graphic... and I am Nature and spend time there in a non/intrusive and sustainable way.