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Passion Investing time into developing own small company, offering our clients services with added value. To be creative enough to live an interesting personal and professional life. How did I become me? I had worked for EurActiv Slovakia since university studies. At that time energy topics became familiar to me. Then with my colleagues we decided to establish a new company, which has become the publisher of the first relevant online media focused solely on energy issues in Slovakia. Consequently, I proposed the shareholders to broaden the scope of services offered to our clients, so we created a subsidiary called "energy analytics, s.r.o." offering analytics and consultancy. Currently I am responsible for business development as well as for consultancy for electricity market. In 2012 I attended IVLP in the U.S. which focused on "U.S. foreign policy and energy security“. Please find more information on LinkedIn. The problems I solve First of all, I have managed our two companies to the break-even. Both "energy online, a.s." as well as "energy analytics, s.r.o." are highly relevant and influential companies in the energy markets in Slovakia.