Petri Ojanen
HVAC and Energy Engineer
at Eraso

Private company


Expert in:

Design Environment Energy Water Air Materials Processes Construction

More about this expert:

I am HVAC and Energy engineer ( 2004-). My work experience is from technical insulation branch. First as a insulator working at Nordic countries for seven years with good language skills (Swedish, Norwegian). Years on the road made me a experienced and brave insulator. Starting studies at age of twenty five years has challenges to face but got trough. Well educated and experienced fresh engineer got job from one of the biggest and oldest companies on the mineral wool branch Saint Gobain Isover with great colleagues. Nine years in sales and technical support of Finnish market. Building a house at Mouhijärvi, getting married and having a son. Then divorce and new start as a territory manager at market leader for elastomeric foams Armacell Gmbh responsible for Estonian and Finnish market two and half years. From 2017 May / want to make a change in branch of technical insulation at Planning, Control and installing it.