Matej Michlík
at Nice Visions

Nice Visions
Private company


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Society Technology Design Environment Energy Water Materials Construction

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Deeply worried about the unsustainability of civilization's current lifestyle, I have been developing several projects since my teen years. Among those are the EkoCity in years 2000-2001 for better handling the waste in the capital of Bratislava with Ondrej Putra (Bratislava Mayor's award received) and Integrated transportation system for Bratislava region (Special Award of the Jury within national high-school project competition SOČ in 2003). Since then, my scope was to promote ecological modes of transportation and efficient use of resources, as well as technological waste awareness. In years 2014-2015 I have been part of the Ecocapsule team as a marketer and social media manager. This awesome project has a special appeal since it creates a whole new perception of ecological off-grid living. Since 2016, I am working with my partners on new projects within our Nice Visions company. These address the important issues, such as providing basic needs (not only) for people in regions affected by disasters and creating whole new concepts of renewable energy, utilizing existing technologies and developing unique ones. Also, we are aware of limitations of today's energy production - so we focus on the application of renewable energy sources in unconventional ways.