Meaza Cheru
Research Assistant
at Turku UAS

Turku UAS


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Finance Technology Design Environment Energy Water Materials

More about this expert:

Environmental Engineer; Specialization: Waste and Water Engineering Passion : I love my country Ethiopia and specially my home city Addis Ababa. Since I was a child I have always aspired for a life of purpose and contribution. It is my constant thought to think of ways in which I can work to deal with the numerous challenges my country faces at the moment. One area where immediate action is need is the environment. We suffer from insufficient water supply, inadequate solid waste management, poor sanitation and public services. I have chosen the area of solid waste management as my aim area to contribute in. It has always bothered me to see littered fields, clogged drains and polluted rivers with garbage. My dream is to study and work hard to bring about a tidy, clean and green Addis Ababa to my people. I aim to achieve this within a short period of time and with our financial capacity. What was your greatest challenge? My greatest challenge so far was moving to Finland and adjusting to the lifestyle here which was completely different from what I was used to. I have faced so many challenges through aiming to cop to the life pace in Finland. It was my first time living on my own. Learning to study, work and manage my personal life all together was quite a challenge. In general, my challenge could be narrowed to one term as time management. It can be stated that our time is our precious resource. Any other resource can be replaced except our time. How well we use our time can define the quality of work and education we can have. I made a mistake thinking spending all the time I have on my studies and work was a smart way to spend my time. Then I observed the other aspects of my life deteriorating. My health, fitness and social life was weakening. Then I woke up to the wisdom to allocate time for all my important activities based on value (priority) and deadline. I still struggle with my time management however, now I see how much I progressed since I first started school and now I believe I will come to master it. I want to be healthy, fit and hardworking. I want to be able to deliver all my tasks on time and with quality. I want to always progress in profession. I want to keep good and true relationships. In general, I aim to be a time wise person that when I pass away I will not regret anything. How did I become me? I was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am naturally gregarious and I get along with people very easily. I am quite athletic; when I was in Ethiopia I played basketball and I did Taekwondo. After I arrived in Finland also I continued to do Taekwondo and I have added swimming. My athletic activities since young of age have contributed a great deal to the strong personality I have now. My academic path is as follows, as I finished high school it was time to choose a profession. The well esteemed departments were engineering and medicine. I chose Civil Engineering, though I didn’t find my passion there. During my studies I realized we did not need any more civil engineers in my city. I saw that we needed environmental engineers observing from all the problems we faced due to the poor environmental management. Environmental Engineering is not given on a bachelor’s degree level in Ethiopia. Therefore, I decided to search for universities abroad. Then, I earned an admission to Helsinki Metropolia University of applied sciences. I completed my bachelor’s degree on January, 2017. At the moment I am looking for work to gain experience before moving on to further study.