Zoran Poljanec
Project Manager / Environmental Expert
at DLS

Private company


Expert in:

Technology Environment Water Air Construction Mobility

More about this expert:

I am a biologist and for the last decade have been working as environmental protection expert in Croatia. I work as authorized project manager on various legally obligated environmental protection documentation. By doing that I got very good knowledge of environmental sector thorough practice of national and EU regulations. Over the years that implied preparation of numerous EIAs, SEAs, Preliminary / Appropriate NATURA 2000 Assessments, various environmental reports, activities in environmental and spatial planning, marine biodiversity management etc. I am expert in environmental zero state analysis and defining impacts on all parts of environment, especially flora and fauna. Through different projects I have been expert support to international consultants in JASPERS, EUROPEAID, World Bank etc. My wish is to get more and more involved in finding solutions to specific environmental problem. Whether by analyzing the zero state, modelling of impacts or prescribing mitigation measures, I want to explore new methods, technologies and ways that would made analyses more efficient and hence results better and more accurate. One part that I am especially interested in is use of drones in environmental protection because their use with different sensors is almost unlimited when it comes to environment and nature protection.