Cristiana Arcidiacono-Bàrsony
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Policy Society Environment Water Air

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My ambition is to continue diversifying my experience to solve current environmental and development issues. In particular, I love using my experience to see how development, environment and society are interconnected. How did I become me? I am a scientific specialized in the field of environment and development. I have a strong knowledge about current environmental challenges e.g. water management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, REDD, conflicts and governance over natural resources. Following my teaching and research activity, I have worked as a consultant for many international organizations (UNESCO, IAEA, CARE) and managed diverse projects. For instance, I was responsible to devise Disaster Risk Reduction Measures during natural disasters in developing countries for WPA. I have also developed a work on water resources risks under the stress of climate change and land use in Guinea Conakry for SOAS/UNESCO. These activities have allowed me to combine both technical and analytical skills to deal with interdisciplinary issues affecting natural resources and to develop new strategies for the sustainable development in West Africa. Finally, my fluency in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Spanish) makes me an excellent communicator able to adapt to various interlocutors and to work in a multicultural environment. The problems I solve I address both the research aspect and the sustainable management of environmental and development projects. For instance, these include: the carbon emission modeling and the socioeconomic impact assessment of a project to support decision making; developing new measures for Disaster Risk Reduction; increasing capacity building in rural areas; developing new policies focused on climate change and resilience. Using contextual analysis and modeling I develop tools, policies and write articles/reviews to present results clearly to my audience (e.g. policy makers).