Ludovit Garzik
Managing Director
at Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development and

Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development and
Governmental organization


Expert in:

Policy Finance Technology Energy Processes Mobility

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I am interested in research and innovation ecosystems. My special interest is in the mindset of people who work in the knowledge sector and who should implement their knowledge into innovation. The more we invest this knowledge into sustainabiltity the better. The ecossystem also includes the institutional setting and the governance of these institutions. Here once more the mindset in the leadership of the management of the institution is key for the competitiveness of the institution itself but as well for the regional competitiveness in a larger context. The important question is how do we get the right mindset and if we don´t find it how can we develop existing management staff for future challenges. In order to contribute to the development of mindsets I developed an executive education program that offers modules in Vienna, Nairobi, Shanghai and San Francisco. The goal is to learn about the differences of innovation cultures within these ecosystems. The current program is published on