Pekka Kantola
at Oulun B&N Yhtiöt

Oulun B&N Yhtiöt
Private company


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Technology Design Environment Energy Water Materials Processes ICT

More about this expert:

My passion is create profitable and sustainable green business. Lately, in clean tech area, I have been working with LED-based illumination and water purification companies. I have operated well more than 20 years in small and medium-sized companies and I have had a great opportunity to study all kind of operations, processes and business practices in several branches of business and technology. I have operated in pulp and paper, iron and steel and ICT -industries and among several measurement technologies. My tasks have covered almost everything in SME companies including basic engineering tasks, project management, sales and marketing, customer relationships, HR-, IT- and RD-administration, steering group work and strategical planning and operations in executive level. I always like to take new challenges and I am willing to learn new about technology-reated or human-related subjects. Please do not hesitate to contact me.