Philip Kariuki
Senior Consultant
at Blue Ribbon Concepts Ltd

Blue Ribbon Concepts Ltd
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Finance Society Environment Energy Water Processes

More about this expert:

Philip Kariuki is currently engaged in the provision of business development advisory and consulting services for enterprises in the natural resources management sector. Key sub-sectors that he has provided advisory and consulting services within the NRM sector include: water services provision and catchment conservation; tourism development; agro-processing value chain analysis; sanitation and health access and energy. A key ambition of Philip Kariuki’s is to improve lives and livelihoods through the adoption and propagation of appropriate cleantech technologies and processes, particularly in the areas of agricultural development, water and sanitation access, waste management and health. The technology and processes to improve lives and livelihoods exists, but uptake has been slower than necessary, especially in natural resources utilization and management. This slow rate of adoption could be turned around if win-win partnerships and synergy amongst various public, private and developmental sector / non-governmental entities and individuals were pursued and cultivated. It does take time and effort for entities who previously regarded each other with indifference, suspicion or hostility to realize the gains and potential of working in partnership to achieve common goals. However, if the goal is relevant and partners have been properly facilitated to see the advantages of partnerships development, synergy development is possible, and even desirable and rewarding. This is an ongoing process Philip Kariuki has been invested in, but is confident will be recognized as a pillar in achieving a better world.