Anneli Fischer
CSR, Risk Management and Process Optimization
at VieSto Consulting

VieSto Consulting
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Policy Finance Society Technology Processes Construction ICT

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My professional passion is to lead innovative process optimization projects which should empower organizations to manage social, environmental, and financial resources efficiently and sustainably. Moreover, they should help clarifying accountabilities and creating transparency within the organization and its processes. I have several years of experience in international business and supply chain management, where my focus has been strategic and operative Organizational Development and Process Management. I am convinced that in order take on the environmental and social challenges we are facing today, we need to foster cooperation and knowledge exchange on a global level. In the last few years, I have specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in terms of integration of environmental, social, and financial criteria into strategies of organizations and their processes. Moreover, I have expanded my expertise regarding the relevance of certain international norms and standards (G4/GRI, ISO26000, ILO, ISO9001, ISO14001 etc.), how to employ materiality assessments and the importance of stakeholder engagement and communication. I am certified auditor for “EFQM” and for “ECCOS22”, the first Quality Seal for Excellence in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility and accredited by the United Nations. Originally, I come from Sweden but have lived in Austria for over 20 years so I have two home towns: Vienna and Stockholm. Thereof the name of my Company: VieSto Consulting e.U. Grosse Sperlgasse 14/3 AT-1020 Wien FN: 473267 g GLN: 9110025038450