Santtu Mikkonen
Senior Researcher, Data Scientist
at University of Eastern Finland

University of Eastern Finland


Expert in:

Society Environment Air

More about this expert:

Expert on statistical data analysis and applying statistical methodology on multiple different kinds of data. Working as Senior researcher at the University of Eastern Finland. I have worked as a statistician and data scientist for more than 12 years, of which six years on post-doctoral level. In my current position, I am leading data analysis subgroup in the Aerosol research area in Department of Applied Physics. I have familiarized myself with variety of different statistical methods and used them successfully into different types of data. Sizes of the datasets vary from handful of data points from a specific measurement to millions of data points from multivariate time series. In addition, I have experience on teaching and consulting, which is necessity when working as a data scientist in multidisciplinary work community. My previous work has included studies on climate change and it’s effects, the formation of new particles in the atmosphere and predicting concentrations of certain atmospherically relevant compounds. My current research interests are mainly focused on the climatological and human health related effects of atmospheric aerosols. My aim is to find the best data analysis tools for finding the correct information from multivariate datasets describing complex chemical and physical processes in the air.